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Eleonora is a modern boat, born in 2012, and built according to the most intelligent criteria of navigation and scuba diving logistics. The interiors are created with fireproof materials, and comfortable, with huge space dedicated to the educational activities on board. it is sent every 9 months  on dry dock ,unlike the other boats of Sharm, to be always efficient and safe during navigation.Capable of holding up to 90 tanks inside the specific hole holders, is able to accommodate more than 30 divers, also allowing the space for 35 boxes of equipment underthe tanks location, in order to avoid  mess in the middle of the boat, which is very requested by schools, clubs and numerous diving groups during their recreational weeks with us. the central sled, with its capacity of 24 cylinders, and the width of the cockpit, allows  safely the storags of 15 liters, technical tanks, phase tanks and rebreathers.



Lady Natali

Lady Natali is a unique boat!

It can conveniently arrange on two lines 44 tanks and hold 15 equipment boxes on each side,
and keeping also 8 comfortable places, for those who need 15-litre tanks, on the stern side.

Equipped with Mercedes engine, 10 cylinders of 500 hp, with a tapered line, allows optimal navigation even in very rough sea conditions.

Two bathrooms completely tiled, with fixed shower on the ceiling, allow a comfortable use with a great attention to cleanliness and hygiene.

A large lounge, with leather upholstery, handmade, let our curstomers spend a lovely time , both for navigation, tuning equipment and to sit comfortably during lunch (we care) .....




Special marks : AMAZING !!

This boat has been designed with innovative criteria of form and space, especially with regard to the logistics of those who face physical disabilities, since it is possible to cross the boat from bow to stern even with the use of a wheelchair and one of the 3 bathrooms is also dedicated to any physical disabilities.

Equipped with a 600 hp engine, 2 large lounges with comfortable seating for lunch or for relaxation or to follow course lessons or store your belongings in the dry.

The tanks are arranged on 56 lateral spaces and 24 central spaces, and 12 spaces for the largest tanks of 15 lt.
As per standard Scubadreamer, equipped with a defibrillator.