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Hi, I'm Wally and I've been living in Sharm el Sheikh for over 15 years. Yes,   my dream came true :  transmitting to o all my clients/friends, the love for the sea, through my work. There are many other diving centers in Sharm el Sheikh, but they are not my competitors, I do not like this word. They are simply people doing my job. When they ask me what Scubadreamer is, I answer: it's not just a diving center, it would be too reductive. Scubadreamer is: love for the sea, diving, professionalism, aggregation, fun and if you like Friendship


Lo Staff


OMG, it's gotten so ugly!!!! We have already talked about him too much, but if I had a person I cared about particularly, I would ask him to be the instructor  or to guide her / him underwater.


The machi man of the group, physical Riace Bronze.....ops no excuse, these features belonged to our previous instructor Rocky! Tamer has a GREAT physical but above all a big heart. CMAS instructor, excellent knowledge of Russian, English and is working to improve Italian.  You will almost always find him at the Royal to manage and conduct all activities 'from the sshore.


One of our best "purchases", we know each other and have always worked together but only in 2019 officially joins the family Scubadreamer. his experience inside scuba diving field is incredible, currently SSI instructor, boat guide, coordinator of operations on land and also good use in the office and on the PC. Italian is almost his mother tongue!


Capitano mio capitano!!!!
Ce ne fossero come lui, dopo aver venduto nausica ed essermi allontantato da Magdi e Mahmout, pernsavo di non poter trovare mai un capitano tanto preparato , e invece è riuscito a non farmeli rimpiangere.


Lei e' una delle parti piu' importanti per l'organizzazione del giorno dopo, le sue armi sono telefono e pc ! Precisione, pazienza, cordialita' e ottima preparazione subacquea ,sono solo alcune delle caratteristiche che la rendono una delle migliori counteriste di Sharm.


Captain, my captain!!!!
I met someone like him before, after having sold Nausica boat and left Magdi and Mahmout, I thought I could never find a captain so well trained, but instead he managed not to make them regret.

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The answer to Leonardo Di Caprio by Scubadreamer! Beautiful, good, intelligent, 18 years old and a deep passion for diving! Currently under divemaster training, he performs all the tasks regarding  the organization diving, so you will also find him at the counter to prepare boat lists and permits of  the next day.